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149 thoughts on “More 4 william hill or

  1. Boss Loss

    What happened to all the dislikes ?

    1. Pedro Teixeira

      They give money to youtube to delete dislikes.

    2. Piter Bilt

      They were switched over to thumbs up just like they did the election

  2. SouthMangaCorner

    You aint black — Biden

  3. Magdy Nagy

    I am from Yemen Helpus Gas is not available in Yemen Cause the war sufferance People in Yemen

  4. Gael Alberto

    joe, you know i won.

    -Donald J. Trump

  5. Matthew Laing

    Biden failed to verify the legality of his being elected; after the fact that a 68% error was undeniably identified, among other countless and tangibly verified/verifiable fraud! This is not an “inauguration” — — this is a symbol of peace and absolutely nothing more! Our inability to identify Despotism brought us here!

  6. Gaster Grows


    1. Chris

      Debunked theories dont require that nonsense. What we are likely to see is Trumps criminal family dragged into court, unless of course, Trump has already seen fit to secretly pardon them. Glad to see businesses and banks dump Trumps sorry backside. His cult will one day understand why.

  7. Денис Сидоренко

    USA best country!! Im from eastern Europe.

  8. Mine Finder

    ANTIFA riots exploding all across America RIGHT NOW, and not a mention for the left wing media. Unbelievable

  9. Kameswari Digumarti

    Congrates to u sir……Best wishess from Indians…..

  10. war hammered

    How many kids did you smell today joe ?

  11. Natalie Fonsi

    🇺🇸 🇺🇸 Biden

    1. Quster45

      Biden and the American flag don’t fit

  12. Shimon Dyskin

    the ultimate fraud king

  13. Omar Bouzerda

    Joe Biden against join the war against Algeria and Sadr aka polisario front please

    1. samantha !

      no he didn’t get over it😂😂

  14. Thomas Muench

    You say you want are a liar. You want conformity. You are not my President. Trump is still my President.

  15. Mary Thornton

    Impeach binden Impeach binden Impeach binden Impeach binden Impeach binden and that witch Kamala throw Nancy Policy out of congress she or it brain washing you

  16. Mine Finder

    In three months loony liberals will be begging to have Trump back.

    1. TheDriftdog

      @Mine Finder anyway you’ve still to actually answer my question

    2. TheDriftdog

      @Mine Finder he only gave away 3 years! Learn to count you Trumpeteer

    3. Mine Finder

      The only requirement is that he takes a $1.00 salary per year. So um, he made $4.00 and gave away 1.6 million dollars, minus four bucks. Please try to educate yourself before you speak again.

    4. TheDriftdog

      @Mine Finder um, he didn’t donate 100% because he is required by the constitution to be compensated so for 3 years Trump has donated all but a dollar. It has yet to be announced what he has don’t with 2020’s salary. He has however been declared the only President to be a billionaire in office and continued to earn from his businesses, so just a mere copycat act to donate his salary!

    5. Mine Finder

      The Big Guy, Joe Biden took a 10% cut from the commies in China, to fund his lavish lifestyle, while Trump donated 100% of his presidential salary for four years straight, and lost millions on his businesses.

  17. Jericho Moses

    Joe Biden is a fraud and is not the legitimate President of The United States. Fact Checked!

  18. Queen Of Conspiracy

    Where is our Military? Are they owned by China too? I did not vote for Chiden and I know that he did not win.

  19. Krazee Kracka MAN

    Betta watch out CORN POPS coming for ya.

  20. Trump is a Boss

    China Joe 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳

  21. Uncle Downer

    Funny how trumps talk at alamo had hundreds of thousands more views than this.

  22. Kelly Norton

    Yeah, we’re doomed. This guy can’t even complete a sentence. And Kamala is a liar

  23. war hammered

    Kids luv to rub my leg up an down JOE BIDEN

  24. HoosierDaddy -8B-

    The beginning of the end. RIP AMERICA.

  25. Gaster Grows

    *Why didnt we get to come in person, JOE!? Arent you the most popular president in history?*
    (but a bunch of drug-addicted celebrities & LITTLE FLAGS got to attend)

    1. Gaster Grows

      @The Homeless Travel Network Airways No I dont actually but I remember dominion and smartmatic TRUMP2020 forever stay strong my friend

    2. The Homeless Travel Network Airways

      Xi Jinping chose joe Biden for us. It all goes back to the Iowa caucuses. Remember the DNC snafu that happened with the voter app?


    Look how many people joe biden let die today due to his miss handling of the China virus

  27. Pompous Pilot

    Congratulations mr fake president elect

  28. naaman leigh

    Why does YouTube remove dislikes on all Joes uploads??

    1. Cici Y

      Because the owner of YouTube has been bribed with money by democrats.

  29. Chrisb135

    Youre an embarrassment to this country

  30. trump clearlywon

    Look at that charade…oops I mean parade

  31. istanjim

    Took all my American flags to the dump.

    1. John Mongoose

      Hang upside down. It means distress.

  32. Sheep Police

    Rigged election for a racist in office

  33. Salmanu kp

    JOE — KAMLA 💐 👍👍👍 💐

  34. pete bagwell

    Well done biden, first day in the office and youve already lost 1.5 billion dollars and 52 thousand jobs

  35. Elisa

    In Bidens world, a big crows means 3 people.

    1. Chris

      @SouthMangaCorner Clearly youve been duped. EDIT: Never forget that Messiah Trump told the world he loves the uneducated, and then YOU voted for him.

    2. SouthMangaCorner

      @Wild and Rare Then why is he getting so much hate rn

    3. Wild and Rare

      @SouthMangaCorner Are. you meaning that in harm? Well I clearly support him so you can take that back.

    4. SouthMangaCorner

      @Chris clearly no one likes biden

  36. David P85

    Bored of hearing America is the greatest nation in the world, how can you say that with the huge amount of homeless people sleeping in tents on the street and you pay hospital bills or transferd to another facility if you dont have the right insurance and simply have to pay to save your life. The United Kingdom NHS free medical thats all Ill say on that.

  37. Maximus Esco

    First root vegetable in office

  38. Vicker and Flips Animations

    Im pleasantly surprised by all the people calling Biden out as a fraud in this comment section.

  39. Big hat dogan

    Start a gaming channel now

  40. pete bagwell

    Why did youtube delete your dislikes ratio, it was like 15 thousand yesterday

    1. John Mongoose

      Because….you know the thing.

    2. Brandi TX

      It had 5.2k dislikes the last time I was here, and now it says 5.1k.

    3. Pedro Teixeira

      Because YouTube receve a lot og money from wall streat to buy likes and delete dislikes for Biden.

  41. to ja

    Bet what month and year Joey will kick the bucket:

  42. helen01 forrest


  43. Purple guy

    I’m happy your president now thank you for being a awsome guy

  44. Mina nami

    Biden will soon be sidelined due to old age or illness for any other reason, and will be replaced by the naughty Harris and the Chinese undercover.

  45. Kelly

    Nice job deleting all the dislikes on this video YT. We see you. Keeping this facade up for 4 years is gonna be straight exhausting for ya’ll 😂😂😂

  46. Bon AnonymousCrickett

    So whats up with the covid relief checks getting out to the ppl Joe? I hear its already another crumbling promise. But all other officials got their paychecks. Show the ppl you wont lie about this or break this promise.

    1. Toro Draw

      The checks have to first go through Hunter

  47. Matthew Laing

    Progress will occur when despotism is capable of being identified from a distance—before it can have a chance to enslave us, as it has here with this fake “inauguration”—a symbol of peace at best; Biden was not officially elected, and the legality will stand for question in the designated 22months!
    Education belongs to the people—not the privileged!

  48. trump clearlywon

    Who wants egg rolls??

  49. Romulus Rex

    Your White House account shows the truth….75% of Americans view you as an evil third world dictator who puts his citizens last.

  50. Medafingaz DMOC

    Joey biden the crooked man Loves kids jumping on his lap!

  51. MAGA

    President Biden faced criticism for removing his face mask while visiting the Lincoln Memorial on Wednesday night hours after signing an executive order requiring masks on federal property to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

    Wearing masks isnt a partisan issue – its a patriotic act that can save countless lives. Thats why I signed an executive order today issuing a mask mandate on federal property. Its time to mask up, America, Biden wrote on Twitter on Wednesday night.

  52. David Cesar

    He was not elected he was selected

  53. CHWBI

    I’m laughing so hard, at these childish trump supporters. Some of them can barely spell 🥺

    1. [hidden for your protection]

      @Mine Finder none of you can think.

    2. Mine Finder

      Biden voters can barely think.

  54. Me Sоul


    1. Pedro Teixeira

      🍊 + 🇺🇸 = ♥️

  55. cherba frog

    This is a Joke right? our fraud and chief

  56. Aunt Jemimas Revenge

    I see the dominion voting machines have changed the down votes as well

    1. John Mongoose

      Aunt Jemima I has missed your sweet fluffy cakes.

  57. MAGA Love

    😂 Cheating isn’t winning!!! Enjoy it while it lasts! Rude awakening coming…

  58. BobRobRobby 1966

    Joe biden lost to TRUMP

    1. BobRobRobby 1966

      @samantha ! I am with the High Command and can tell you with out a doubt that as soon as the rest of the world agrees to let the covid hoax go away Joe Camala will be arrested and our true leader will return……

  59. David Ryan

    Illegitimate president. Criminal Beijing Biden should be in prison. The real President is in Mar-A-Lago.

  60. Skinski7

    Takes oath to protect and defend the Constitution then issues an executive order canceling 1776 Commission which advocates USA founding principles.

  61. Marvin Byler

    Are we honestly supposed to take this fraud seriously??? White collar criminal for 47 years….give me a break

  62. Swag Swamp

    Most of these comments are a bunch of republicans getting mad because trump isnt president anymore and now they have to find a way to develop there own personalities

  63. meredith deferro

    If you voted for Joe Biden… you voted for Censorship, mandatory masks and vaccines, illegal immigrants coming into this country, and communism.

  64. meredith deferro

    Disgusting how are country has allowed this to happen

  65. Ragnar Lothbrok

    Im not working for you. — Joe Biden

    1. Kenneth Carroll

      @Wild and Rare respect a cheater, liar, and a plagiarist who is mocked by his own faith for killing babies… no respect at all

    2. Wild and Rare

      @Kenneth Carroll Well hes your president now you might as well respect him.

    3. trump clearlywon

      @Kenneth Carroll yes he is

    4. Kenneth Carroll

      Lol he’s such a loser

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